Sadly, I lost the previous garden log to file fuckery. Here's the 2.0, featuring brand new, never before seen photos of my plants:

So far we got:

  • Bonecrusher: Red bell pepper
  • Benney: Green bell pepper
  • Hamiltrash420: Momotaro tomato
  • Truck Freak: Rainbow carrots (probably dead ☹)
  • Some other kind of tomato I forget
  • Green Onions
  • Basil
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Carribean Red Hots
  • Bok Choy



#4- 11/21/20

as promised heres the new onion plants he kinda fallin over

#3- 11/17/20

The head to my watering can fell off so now it just dumps water on to all of my plants. The tomato is taking over the entire garden, even though I've been forgetting to water it. My sister stuck some green onion stems in the dirt and they started growing? So now I can add green onions to the plant roster.

#2- 10/15/20

Ok, so put yourself in my shoes for a second. You have neglected to water your plants for a full three days out of sheer laziness. You finally go to water them, expecting to see a wasteland, only to see THIS motherfucker:

So my bok choy is doing good. I don't actually know how or when to harvest it.

#1- 10/14/20

Saw a caterpillar today. Tight! I know they're supposed to totally destroy your plants but as you can see from the background of the photo I am killing my plants faster than it ever could.