Welcome to the evil laboratory, tie up your hair and put on your goggles before entry. Remember, no eating or drinking around the caustic chemicals, and if you're going to reanimate a cadaver, please strap it onto the autopsy table beforehand!




  • 1/25/23: Remembered this place existed, added a science fiction library, updated the linkroll and the about page a little.
  • 8/11/22: I'm back! For how long, who knows. Massive update to the art section, and posted a new blog.
  • 11/18/21: finally got around to uploading a zine i made way back in 2020
  • 11/4/21: after several long years, the blog section finally has something on it!
  • 11/1/21: maintenance day
  • 8/18/21: art
  • 7/18/21: art resources page now up! also new art
  • 6/29/21: art
  • 6/22/21: working on art resource page, in the meantime 2 more links added to roll. updated about page with favorite albums
  • 6/20/21: new art and new sketch uploaded. trying to resist the urge to purge my sketch page cause i have a bad habit of wiping art i dont like anymore from the internet
  • 6/15/21: added to linkroll, updated frontpage music. been busy at work, like real life actual work, but will try to do some site updates on the weekend. considering nuking the microblog and making a separate page specifically for art reference links, because i have a lot of them.
  • 6/15/21: added color ver of frontpage art
  • 6/4/21: new art, added Nomadwiki and Trashwiki to links
  • 5/1/21: drawing
  • 4/20/21:lol 420. art.
  • 3/9/21:art
  • 3/5/21:lots of new art
  • 2/22/21: added new links under wiki articles and youtube channels
  • 2/1/21:garden log upd8, new art, added some links
  • 1/13/21: giant fucking update: fixed up the site layout to add sidebars, added generators, graphics, and sketches pages, gave the art gallery custom full-width css. content wise: a shit ton of new art has dropped, finished rewriting the video game reviews, added a random neocities website generator, added mutual buttons to the linkroll, slightly rewrote the about page, made a literal fuckton of icons and transparents for the graphics page.
  • 12/6/20: new art just dropped
  • 11/20/20:added music page, finished blog page
  • 11/18/20: reorganized links, rewrote some video game reviews. blog page under construction.
  • 11/17/20: garden log update, added buttons to links
  • 10/15/20: Added garden log, art sections, fixed guestbook link
  • 10/13/20: moved from spoorbs