1/11/21 11:26PM PST

feel like pure shit just want saga by brian k vaughaun and fiona staples back .

2/1/21 10:51PM PST

Merriweather is objectively the best font. ELEVATES the blog posts.

1/11/21 11:26PM PST

listening to electra heart and editing envy adams icons unlocks new emotions

1/9/21 11:21PM PST

thinking about the "anti-yandere" trend that went around tumblr a while back. to be fair, if you call yourself an "irl yandere" i AM going to assume you subsitute anime for social interaction and/or are thirteen years old. on the flip side though i do think the trope can make for interesting horror. i guess the big deal was it glorifying abusive behavior or something? i don't keep up with tumblr discourse and this was probably a good two years ago now.

12/6/20 7:30PM PST

ok success i can KIINDA pop a wheelie for a few seconds now also am incredibly woozy for no reason. hell yeah

12/6/20 12:05PM PST

going to learn how to ACTUALLY do sick stunts on my bike now gonna go bonkbonkbonk down the fuckin hill wish me luck

12/4/20 7:59PM PST

psa do NOT chug half a can of arizona and a stale 50 cent telera bread roll that feels like eating a paper bag before going off to do sick stunts on your bike. dying

12/3/20 1:27PM PST

in that stage of my life where clint eastwood by gorillaz is the only song in existence again. also double bass fucking hits.

11/21/20 1:36PM PST

losing my entire fucking mind over this cassette player. at the same time i know cds are way more practical to get into from just a physical music collection standpoint (sold by every artist, still playable in cars, can burn my own easily, can upload the music to my computer) but i just. look at it.

11/19/20 10:12 PM PST

might as well break in the blog section while i'm at it. this section is basically twitter but good in that no one is able to reply to my posts. i don't actually know when the first Real blog post will be. i have a couple subjects i could talk about but its mostly up to if i get distracted by another thing before i can sit down and write them.

unrelated but i kinda want to make custom icons for every app on my laptop.